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A rare and original framed 1853 Oban size Original Woodblock Print by Utagawa Kunisada titled The Gambler. Utagawa Kunisada also adopted the name of Toyokuni III.

Beautifully rendered and printed on handmade Mulberry Bark Washi paper. It is in excellent condition overall. Some minor dirt smudges given its age.
The Seal also identifies that it was printed in March, KAEI 6th year 1853.

Utagawa Kunisada also known as Toyokuni III 1786 to 1865.

Title “Gambler” from the famous Kabuki play “Hachiman matsuri Yomiya no Nigiwai”. Performed at the Nakamura in 1853. A commemorative portrait of Actor Kawarazaki Gonjuro 1st as IZUYA Yosaburo. Also known as KIRARE no Yosaburo (Gambler).
Print dimensions 24.6 cm Width and 36 cm Height

Framed dimensions 48.5 cm Width x 69 cm Height
This artwork is Framed to Museum Conservation Standard. Print tipped to acid free foam core backing and mat by rice paper hinges upper corners and wheatflour starch adhesive and True Vue 99% Anti UV Glass.

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